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SC ClayCon Wood Firing

Open to attendees of the September 2022 SC Clay Con



Fire your work in one of the largest wood fired kilns in South Carolina, Rob Gentry's anagama "Fire Song".  Working professionally for 38 years as a full time "Claysmith" in Pendleton, SC, Rob is well known for his work and for the 16' long anagama kiln he completed four years ago. SC ClayCon attendees can participate in this unique firing opportunity in October, following the September conference in Newberry.


Fire Song is located at Annette Buchanan's historic farm, Boxwood Manor. The firing will last approximately 35-40 hours during which teams will stoke the kiln, round the clock in 4-hour shifts.  This firing is reserved for Rob’s team and participants of the 2022 SC Clay Conference.


Participants who wish to be a part of this extended SC ClayCon experience will receive the appropriate clay with which to make one or two pieces to be fired in Fire Song.


Do not miss out! Learn in September and fire in October!


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